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Small Wood Dining Table - Antique Square Coffee Table - Bernhardt Dining Room Table.

Small Wood Dining Table

small wood dining table

    dining table
  • A table on which meals are served in a dining room

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  • (Dining Tables) The first dining tables of which survivors remain are the type known as refectory tables. They are made usually of oak, and one of the earliest, at Penshurst Place in Kent, has a typical thick top of joined planks supported on three separate trestles.

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My Dining Room

My Dining Room

My dining room. We purchased two 12 foot pews when the church we were married in was "modernizing." We had them cut down into two smaller pews and had enough wood to make the dining room table with the leftovers. Since we don't have a table in our kitchen, we eat all of our meals here. It's just a really calm, special place for us to be together.

solid wood dining table - 800.00

solid wood dining table - 800.00

This is my mother's dining table. It is in pristine condition and is absolutely gorgeous. It is a very heavy duty table though, so its more for a dining area than kitchen (i think)! Nothing else in the picture is included. Only the table and chairs. The table also has the option of becoming smaller by taking out the middle portion.

small wood dining table

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