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Pine Table Legs

pine table legs

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pine table legs - Bryson Rectangular

Bryson Rectangular Leg Dining Table by Broyhill - Warm Pine Finish (4933-532)

Bryson Rectangular Leg Dining Table by Broyhill - Warm Pine Finish (4933-532)

Information about this collection: Beautiful warm pine complements a variety of decor. Create the dining room style you want - contemporary cottage southwest resort or country. Natural and neutral the Bryson dining room lets your decorating taste confidently shine through...even if our taste changes with the seasons. Wooden knobs raised panel detailing round bun feet and tile accents add charm and value. Features Warm Pine Finish Contemporary Style Crafted from Hardwood Solids and Pine Wood Veneers Dovetail Construction on all drawers Felt Lined Top Drawers and Cedar Lined Bottom Drawers Wooden Knobs document.write(new_number); Broyhill Bryson Leg table with 1-18" Leaf (extends to 90") Free Delivery applies to orders over $999

80% (5)

Pine coffee table with tapered legs

Pine coffee table with tapered legs

Pine coffee tables start at $325 for 4' long x 24" wide x 18" high but can be built to any length or width. Coffee table in picture has tapered legs and is 36" long, 36" wide and 18" high and is finished in a special walnut stain with a satin varnish finish. A coffee table this length and with this finish is $325. Coffee tables can also be built using either oak or maple (pine is the least expensive). Please let me know if you have any questions or need more information.

Drafting Table 2005 06

Drafting Table 2005 06

Drafting Table with adjustable angle top and leg height built for artist. Side compartments for drawing pencils and supplies.

pine table legs

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